Hub Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Donna and Doreen

Several weeks ago, we introduced you to Rose. She had been doing her early bird shift at the Hub, helping to prepare the infant and children’s clothing for the week.

Today, we shine the spotlight on two of Rose’s fellow volunteers: Donna and Doreen.

Donna volunteers her time as the Second Vice President/Store Manager on the Almonte Community Co-ordinators Board of Directors. In addition to her role on the board, many of you will recognize Donna as the Thursday night “Bag Sale” cashier who is always smiling, no matter who chaotic the store! And rest assured if you miss Donna on a Thursday night, she is back working the cash on Tuesday mornings.

Joining Donna on Tuesday mornings at the Hub is Doreen. A longtime member and volunteer, many regulars have commented on Doreen’s warm, welcoming smile, her compassion for those in need and her generosity with the youngest of Hub shoppers. For this reason, it should come as no surprise Doreen was the Hub’s “Sunshine Girl” for many years!