A show of love: get your Hub pin

The Hub’s Board of Directors was floored when they received the news of the Hub Love Pins.

To the Mississippi Mills Youth CentreCheerfully Made Goods + MarketsEmily ArbourDawn Walker Design and the Almonte Print Shop & Picture Framing – THANK YOU

Our community is truly filled with generous hearts and souls. The outpouring of support for the Hub and Rebound is overwhelming and your act of kindness proves that no matter what struggles we all face, we have a community that will stand up and help each other through times of trouble.

You….. bring the spirit of the HUB to life. We feel your love, share that love and send it forward to the amazing community of Mississippi Mills. Thank you! #ilovethehub

If you have not already read the story, the following is what appeared in the Millstone on November 11, 2017.

We at Mississippi Mills Youth Centre love the Hub.

Actually we feel indebted to the Hub for the great love they have shown local youth over the years through their generous financial support. We recognize when great institutions like the Hub struggle; we, the recipients of their kindness, must reciprocate in-kind with our own gesture of love.

We love the Hub and one thing our youth love to do is make buttons!

We are the button-masters! So with the generous help of graphic designer Dawn Walker, the loan of a button making machine and donation of supplies from Emily Arbour of Cheerfully Made, and with free printing by the Almonte Print Shop we are creating a limited edition of 1,000 buttons of love for the Hub. Each will sell for $5 with the proceeds going back to the Hub.

Buttons are available at the Youth Centre, Mills Community Support, Cheerfully Made, Almonte Print Shop, and Baker Bob’s. Don’t miss out! Get your button and show your love!

Mississippi Mills Youth Centre


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