Letter from Nancy Dupuis to the ACC Board & Membership

To the current ACC Board and membership:

It’s time for me to come forward publicly showing full support for what you, the Board have accomplished to date as well as what you are trying to make work for the future of the Hub/Rebound. I have laid low so to speak after my resignation for awhile, but am always observing the goings on. I loved helping with the move, the little I did in the grand scheme of things, but again enjoyed the camaraderie of just working with my friends, being one with the good of the organization and community always at heart. I continue to donate and shop at the new temporary location as well.

The news of the request for a special general meeting of the membership and the objective saddens me immensely. A conversation with a neighbour this weekend continues to fill me with a passion for the organization and for what it used to stand for. I implore you as a member to become fully informed prior to the meeting on November 20 and have your voice heard. Reach out to the Chair of the Futures Committee, Janet Duncan as to their plans for the future physical location of the organization and also to those so determined that the current Board needs replacing. Speak to any of the current Directors of the ACC Board. Speak to Steve Lawton, who chaired the Building Relocation Committee. Come prepared.

Indeed, “The nature and tone of the current dispute among members / past members is damaging to the reputation of the Hub/ Rebound.” I only hope that in two years time the organization will still continue to exist, hoping it won’t have fallen due to an organization wrought with its own hidden agenda. Hats off to Mary Ann Murray, Andrea Bird, Maria Murphy, Heather Billings, Ingrid Harris, Judy Lawton and Judi Barnard, and not to forget Linda Cybulski as well. Your endless hours of volunteering, as well as the generous support of your families to make the Hub/Rebound a better place have not gone unnoticed. Your support while I was President and to this day mean the world to me. Friends forever.

Nancy Dupuis
Past President