Requested Post from the CMC

To the current Hub board and membership:

We are writing to advise you that the Letter of Requisition for Special Meeting for Members (signed by many of you at the October 30th get together), has resulted in the outcome we hoped for: an opportunity for the membership to have a voice on the future direction of the Hub/Rebound and to elect persons we trust to lead the way. An election will take place as part of this Special Meeting.

It is our duty as membership to ensure the directors and officers are acting in the corporation’s best interest. As members we can take a number of actions under Ontario Not for Profit (ONCA) to make sure directors and officers are properly supervising the management of the corporation and complying with their duties.

We felt it necessary to re-state the following concerns:

  1. The existence of an incomplete board. More specifically, that 7 of 11 elected board members resigned in the first 3 months –  it is an indication something is wrong and the membership needs to fully understand the issues that led to this erosion of leadership;
  2. The lack of transparency and substantial communication between the current board and its membership. This includes: Refusing to explain their motivation for terminating 15 employees and the resignation of 5 board members at the September 25th meeting, and choosing not to attend the membership get together on October 30th and celebrate the “terminated” staff contribution to the Hub.
  3. The difference in values between the current board and the majority of the membership.  The board values a business model emphasizing efficiency, and maximizing profits whereas the Hub values emphasize both the need to donate money to our community and, the need to bring together people of different backgrounds and abilities.  Without an opportunity to meet and find common ground, these differences cannot be resolved;
  4. The lack of opportunity for members to express their opposition to the current board decisions. The September 25thmeeting was illegally adjourned when members asked questions about the resignation of 5 board members, members who ask for information are met a wall of secrecy, and those who express an opposing perspective are accused of harassment.  Malicious, unsubstantiated rumours about CMC members are posted on the website controlled by the board;
  5. The future of the existing Hub building.  Unsubstantiated rumours are spreading that the building at 118 Mill St. is unsafe and condemned, and there are conflicting interpretations of expert assessments about the state of the building;
  6. The current board refusal to allow the Future’s Committee, appointed by the board to complete its tasks.  In that, the board conducted a walk-though with the Town Inspector and insurance agent and did not invite anyone from the Future’s Committee to attend;
  7. The CMC is not opposed to change at the Hub/Rebound.  This is not the first time change has happened within the organization, nor is it the first time there has been a change in location.  Many of our members negotiated the Hub collaboratively through these earlier changes and in so doing gained valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

For those of you who cannot attend in person, the current board failed to provide a proxy process for the meeting in their announcement of the Special Meeting on Nov. 20th. We have followed up with their lawyer directly and the current board was notified today to deal with it. It is your right to have a voice whether you are there in person or not.

Lastly, there are members who are not on the current membership list that we received from the board (dated November 6th, 2017). We would like you to email the [email protected] for confirmation of your membership if you have not received any email related to the upcoming Notice of Special Meeting for Membership, Monday @ 7pm at the Almonte Town Hall.


Paddy Vargas
Eloise Caverson
Julia Thomas
Janet Duncan
Mary Ellen Petrunewich
Mary Lou Souter
Donna Smith
Barbara Cottrill
Fern Martin
Gail Murphy
Renate Kordos
Barbara Carroll
Elizabeth Dunning
Jean McPherson